Functional Training to Gain Weight

How to Gain Weight?

While there is advise aplenty on how to lose weight, you will seldom find anything useful on how to gain it. Most people would tell you to just binge everyday on whatever you feel like. This may help you gain weight but all that will be nothing but unhealthy fat. Continuing this way can lead to lifestyle diseases and eating disorders that are difficult to rectify.

Consult instead a certified personal trainer who can show you how to gain weight in a safe and wholesome manner and also to sustain it over time. If you really want to maintain a healthy body mass index, it always advisable to eat right and follow a light training schedule that will keep you fit and toned.

Weight Scale

Consume more Calories

Eat meals that are high in calories if you aim to gain weight. Use a calorie calculator or talk to your personal trainer to understand just how much calorie your body burns everyday to release energy for normal activities. Your calorie intake should be more than this so that the entire excess calorie is stored by the body as fat in different parts. For quick weight gain aim to consume food that provides about 700 – 1000 calories more than your regular requirement.

Avoid Empty Calories

Empty calories are really calories that add nothing beneficial to your body. They stimulate the piling of unhealthy fat that is stored as flab. Food that are packed with such harmful calories include soft drinks, alcohol, processed food, fast food, food that is deep fried, rich desserts, candies and such.

Consume food that is Calorically Dense

There are several food groups that calorically dense i.e. they are rich in healthy calories. Such calories aid in development of muscles and also some amount of fat. It is after all essential to have some fat so that you don’t look too scrawny or malnourished.

Add food such as olive oil, dark chocolate, peanut butter, whole fat dairy products, raisins and avocado to your regular meals to gain weight in a gradual manner. Your meals will be more nutritious and you will gain just the amount of weight you need to look healthy and strong.

Consume Protein

Your meals should also have some amount of protein but not too much. Protein aids in the development of lean muscles that add to your body weight. However, protein keeps you full for long so you may actually want to eat less. Also lean muscles stimulate a higher metabolic rate and therefore faster fat burning. So avoid taking too much protein or follow a diet chart prepared by a competent personal trainer so that you consume just the right amount.

Lift Weight To Bulk Up

It goes without saying that if you want  gain muscle you must lift weights and stress your muscles. Your body does not want to bulk up, becuase it’s metabolicly expensive, so you must trick your body into gaining weight. I have found that functioanl training is the #1 method to build long lean muscle. You can check some great Functional Training Pictures here.

Get Enough Rest

Rest is of vital importance when you want to gain weight. Beauty sleep may actually be beneficial as your body rejuvenates itself while you snooze. Too much of hard work wears away whatever muscles you have and without rest; your body will never be able to store all that fat you are consuming. You may increase your calorie intake but rather than that; it is advisable to give your body at least eight to ten hours of sleep every day.

Getting certified with a Fitness Australia CEC provider is a fantastic investment in yourself. The knowledge and skills you’ll learn will last you a lifetime and the money you spend will be paid back a thousand timnes over.