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Kettlebell Training Is Excellent For Fat Loss

Kettlebell training can work wonders for your body and mind but often people set up impossibly high or unrealistic goals for themselves. Sometimes these fitness goals sabotage the whole point of this workout regime. Learn about the top 5 weight loss and fitness goals which people set for themselves at their peril. This personal trainer tells you what is and what’s not possible for your body.

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The gap thighs

Every woman lusts after the supper tones slim pair of thighs which look fabulous in skinny fit jeans. However, this CEC personal trainer says that not every woman can reduce the bulk of their thighs to this extent. Genetic, biological and hormonal factors interfere to make some women have “healthy-looking” thighs. However, this knowledge doesn’t stop hundreds of women from literally starving themselves and trying non invasive methods to delete fat from their thighs. Some also go on extreme diets and starve their body to nothingness.

While you can definitely follow a structured exercise plan to shed off the lab and fine-tune your body some fitness goals might just not be feasible for you. The trick is to understand your body type and metabolism before you begin setting up goals for yourself.

A concave stomach
Another fitness goal that has attained dangerous mythical proportions is the concave abs. Personal trainers say that this is one of the unhealthiest and potentially harmful goal you can set for yourself. This is because a stomach which falls back inwards can only happen if there is extreme weight loss or next to nothing fat in the abdominal cavity.

It’s important to understand what lies in your stomach. Your intestines will either have food or air in it or if you are menstruating your stomach may simply be bloated. If you follow a healthy calorie aware diet comprising of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and fibers then in time you will achieve a flat stomach. Don’t starve yourself for a sunken stomach or you will end up wrecking your body. Instead, aim to train with your kettlebell training in St Peters 3-4 times per week for optimum results. During the Kettlebell Principles Level 1 Certification you will be taught this.

Smaller hips and tiny butt
It’s sad how so many people out there still have severe body image issues. Top personal trainers say that they are constantly deluged by requests from clients for changing the body type or making them look like a particular celebrity. However biological programming is not something which can be ignored. So if you are naturally curvy then no amount of dieting or exercising will make you stick thin. What you can do is to strengthen your glutes which will give your body a toned fit look.

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Well defined arms
Just six weeks of constant strength training will bring a noticeable difference to how your arms look. However whether or not you will accumulate those glamorous muscles is a genetic question. If you have slow twitch muscles then you will be a super endurance athlete but you still won’t have waves on your arms. If you have high twitch muscles then your arms will always be more muscular and curvy.